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In Into Autumn, Lars and Eileen have to learn to change in order to survive when the economy and the government collapse and their world is thrust into chaos.


AP: Tell us if it’s a novel, book of poetry or other; then what genre it is and why you chose that genre.

LL: Into Autumn is an epic novel and is book one of the Four Seasons Series, the continuing saga of Peaceful Valley. This book is labeled as an action/adventure story, but it could also be labeled as a romance, self-help, humor, dystopian, or apocalyptic book. When I began Into Autumn, I had no idea I was going to write a book, much less a series. I didn’t choose the genre, it chose me. I awoke early one morning with a story in my head and got on the computer and started writing. The next thing I knew, I’d written 300 pages. I left a few things hanging, so there had to be a sequel. Only after the sequel was finished, did I decide to write a series as I had already two seasons going.

AP: …a little bit more extensively, what’s your book about?

LL: Lars Lindgren is ready to retire in a remote area of south Texas with his wife. She would have nothing to do with the idea resulting in their divorce. Eileen Branson is a city gal who had been studying her survival manual when the grid shut down. She is way over her head though when she flees the city. She nearly dies before she stumbles onto Lars’ property when she runs out of gas. There is immediate chemistry between Lars and Eileen, but it takes a while for the romance to get going. Eileen is a bit feisty and Lars is set in his ways so there is friction for a while. He teaches her the ways of the woods while she teaches him more than he could have imagined. Eileen has never shot a gun, but she learns. She also struggles with having to kill. Eventually, Lars, Eileen, and their few neighbors are able to relax and grow their community. Some tough decisions must be made and there is considerable internal conflict as to righteousness of some of the decisions that are made and carried out.

AP: Have you written the book based on your personal life

LL: There is a lot of me in Lars Lindgren. Lars is a Davy Crockett type, who is able to do pretty much what he needs to survive on his own in the woods. I live in a swamp and also have all of the skills necessary to provide for myself in the wild. I have been doing this all my life. I am a survivor as you will see if you dwell further into my videos, particularly “Who Am I?” and “Life in the Swamp” which can be found on my YouTube channel. Eileen also is based in part on my significant other. We are the city gal/country guy team in the swamp of the Guadalupe River Delta on the middle Texas Gulf Coast. Some of the other characters have traits of some of my friends. This helps make them more realistic I think.

AP: What do you feel about main characters or their circumstances?

LL: I have always been able to do anything I wanted. I am strong of mind, well-educated, and a doer. If I need more knowledge, I go out and get it in order to do whatever I choose to do. As an example, I’ve built two homes including my own 3,000+ square feet home from the ground up with my own two hands. Yes, the slab, framing, A/C, plumbing, electrical, roofing, appliances, and all the finish work with my own two hands. I never say “can’t”. I can do anything and so can Lars Lindgren. As far as their circumstances, I am a firm believer that the grid could go down at any time. It did so for a couple of weeks around here during Hurricane Harvey 2017, which hit me dead center. We did just fine without the grid.

AP: What emotions are you essentially seeking to arouse?

LL: I want to arouse every emotion that you have and I think I will. Yes, all of them. This is a quote from a reader: “He doesn’t hold back as many authors do in both ends of the emotional spectrum.” I have chosen to include a Chapter 8 reading of Into Autumn for your listening pleasure in this publication. Find it, sit back, and listen to a professional actor read the story to you. This should bring out an emotion or two. Enjoy!

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