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Dreams can be achieved if you’re not afraid to step out from behind the curtain and stand center stage. New novel from L.M. Nelson.


AP: Tell us if it’s a novel, book of poetry or other; then what genre it is and why you chose that genre.

L.M.N: This is the fourth and final book in the Scrubs series, which is a medical-themed family saga that tells the story of friendship, perseverance, and love. It includes trials and tribulations of medical school, romance, sports, learning to become an adult, and overcoming obstacles to pursue dreams.

AP: …a little bit more extensively, what’s your book about?

LM.N: New York City—a thriving metropolis full of dreams. The bright lights of Times Square, the billboard posters promoting the latest musicals, and the theatre marquees up and down Broadway attract millions of theatre lovers every year. Lauren Hanson was no exception. Prior to moving to New York, Lauren made every effort to make her dream of performing on Broadway a reality. She enrolled in dance classes, took voice lessons, and participated in various acting workshops. Now in her first year at the Juilliard School, she seeks to improve her craft and work her way into the professional world of musical theatre. A Broadway performer named Roger Zellers steers her in the right direction. His assistance becomes tainted, however, when a blast from his past tries to sabotage Lauren’s career. Harassment, lies, and openly violent threats make Lauren question Roger’s intentions. While Lauren pursues the glamor of Great White Way, Lauren’s twin sister tries to establish herself as a reputable choreographer. Having connections with Roger comes in handy when he asks her for a special favor. Through Roger, she meets other professionals, gains a new following, and finds potential love. But will her fairytale come true, or will her plans crumble to pieces in the hustle and bustle of New York City?

AP: Have you written the book based on your personal life

L.M.N: I’ve never written a book about myself personally, although many of the trials and tribulations my characters face, I have had to wade through in the course of my life.

AP: What do you feel about main characters or their circumstances?

L.M.N: I am in love with these characters. They’ve been like a family to me. It’s been fun to watch them grow and develop into the people they are now.

AP: What emotions are you essentially seeking to arouse?

L.M.N: This particular book is full of all kinds of emotions, from excitement and love to anger and grief. I’m hoping my readers will feel the same emotions my characters feel.

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