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Dimensions: The College Years focuses on the eight pivotal lessons/events that took place during my college years. Each ones has a short shorties that I drew inspiration from.


AP: Tell us if it’s a novel, book of poetry or other; then what genre it is and why you chose that genre.

JP: Dimensions: The College Years is the first installment of the Dimensions series. It’s a collection of eight science fiction short stories that revolves around a particular theme.

AP: …a little bit more extensively, what’s your book about?

JP: College has helped me become the man I am today by enriching me with a multitude of teachings in an assortment of scenarios. And while I would list them all, I don’t have the attention span or patience for all of that. So, I decided to focus on the eight pivotal lessons that I’ve blessed to have learned. Later in life, looking back on those experiences, it gave me the willpower and encouragement to create eight short stories that are meant to teach, intrigue and show all sides of the matters at hands. Plus, you get to see how twisted my mind can get at times and that’s great, too, right?

AP: Have you written the book based on your personal life

JP: Oh, yes. This series, in particular, will have stories stemming from various points in my life.

AP: What do you feel about main characters or their circumstances?

JP: Think of it like the Twilight Zone. Ordinary people caught in extraordinary scenarios.

AP: What emotions are you essentially seeking to arouse?

JP: I want to be able to get people thinking as they read. Ask questions and drum up conversations about my stories.

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