In their sexual prime, Selina’s pupils suffer the most harrowing ordeal under her paramount rule – masturbation is strictly forbidden.


Abandoned honor is the book two of the Honor series, here more of Mitch’s secrets are exposed.

No Honor Between Brothers-AuthorPilot

Claire plays a cat and mouse game with two controlling brothers. This is the first novel of the Honor series. It is romance with a bit of erotica.

Book Three of the HONOR series. This book is about a love triangle involving two brothers and the woman caught in between them.

Thandis Love-Literary showcase-AuthorPilot

Thandi’s love. A childhood friendship becomes a dramatic tale of forbidden love between a mullatto slave and a plantation owner during the Civil War.

Jack Tucker’s life as a morning radio host is uncomplicated, attachment free, and without regret. Until Kate Weiss entered his life, that is…

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