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Sacred stones are missing; the elements within the land of Gelnoff are out of whack, bringing chaos, destruction, and death. Only the Guardian can save them.


AP: Tell us if it’s a novel, book of poetry or other; then what genre it is and why you chose that genre.

LMN: The Guardian is a YA Fantasy Fiction novel. The characters and various landscapes within the book are based off a dream I had. I took the imagery from that dream and created the land of Gelnoff.

AP: …a little bit more extensively, what’s your book about?

LMN: The Guardian is a Fantasy adventure story. Devastated by the tragic death of their parents, Camryn and Toby Hunter find themselves alone in the Idaho wilderness. When Toby discovers a pair of gold rings, he and Camryn are magically transported into a mystical land they’ve never seen before. Their only known exit is immediately sealed off, and they find themselves surrounded by mythical creatures, a beautiful waterfall oasis, and moss-covered Redwood trees with faces. Named as “the Guardian” by the locals, Toby is faced with a life-changing task. He and his sister can only return home when the elements are reunited and peace is restored to the land of Gelnoff. With only two gold rings, ten days’ worth of supplies, and the guidance of a wise, old Redwood tree, Toby and Camryn begin the journey of a lifetime.

AP: Have you written the book based on your personal life experiences?

LMN: The book wasn’t written from any personal experiences, but the land and the creatures within the land were created from imagery I had in a dream.

AP: What do you feel about main characters or their circumstances?

LMN: The main characters are Toby and Camryn Hunter. This brother and sister duo watched their parents die in a tragic car accident. Shortly afterwards, Toby finds two rings, and both he and Camryn are magically transported into the mystical land of Gelnoff. They meet interesting creatures, see unusual lands, and are faced with challenges they’ve never encountered before. Yet, somehow, the two siblings lean on each other and find a way to survive in this strange land.

AP: What emotions are you essentially seeking to arouse?

LMN: I want readers will cheer for the heroes, be intrigued by the land and characters of Gelnoff, and even laugh at some of the humorous things my characters say and do. I hope it’s an enjoyable adventure for everyone.

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