The Letter

Do you not realize that the Master Builder of your soul cares enough to have written an entire book of love letters to you?

Do you not know He cares deeply for the human soul?

He reaches out to touch your soul.

He treasures you as a friend.

Your worth is special to Him.

He wants you to know that your soul is to be cared for and highly thought of;

It is not to be thrown about and discarded as though it were trash.

Just as the child builds up the walls of his sandcastle on the beach;

You must protect your soul from the dangerous elements of this world.

The Master Builder wants you to open and read His love letter to you.

He wants you to find all the treasures He has placed inside just for you.

You will find your path in this letter.

You will learn how to respect yourself and others through this reading.

Will you take this journey to discover your soul?

“What good is it for man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?
Or what can a man
Give in exchange for his soul?”
MK 8:36-37 (NIV)

Lisa C. Miller

Inspirations from Heaven’s Gate


Inspirations from Heaven’s Gate was written to reveal the beauty of life and simplicity of Jesus.
This is a book of poetry. Bible verses are sprinkled within it’s pages. I chose poetry or it chose me. I love people and want to help them live joyfully. I chose poetry because it reveals man’s beauty and his scars.
This book may be small but do not let that fool you. This book will take you on a journey where you will meet yourself and become stronger and more confident. This book will reveal the treasure that you are. May you receive many blessings and God delight through these pages.

This book will encourage, inspire and give each person hope for another day.

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