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Hi, I’m Larry Landgraf, also known as Riverrmann in many circles. I am so happy that you have found your way onto my page and into my world. I’m not Superman, but I’m not likely anything like anyone you have met before. Why? Because I’m a swamp dweller, and we’re a whole new breed of people. You have to be to survive what we deal with every day. So step in and let me show you around. Feel free to do so from the safety and comfort of your home and without the need for professional medical services.

I have five books to showcase and two more on the way, but I want you to get to know me a little better first. That way, you’ll know why I write what and how I do. The best way to learn more about me is through my videos. The first two on my YouTube channel will do most of that job. This link will make it easy for you. My YouTube Channel

Now, I’m going to send you to Wildsound Film Festival where a professional actor will read Chapter 8 from Into Autumn to you. This is book one of my Four Seasons Series. Books two and three are already out, but let’s take care of book one first. Listen to Chapter 8

If you have not made up your mind to read my series, you can get more information by reading A Tempest in Texas. This is the screenplay I wrote for Into Autumn. It is currently in the hands of producers after making finalist in both the New York Screenwriting Festival and the Influx Magazine Screenwriting Festival. The screenplay is fast to read and will give you the gist of the story. The screenplay only covered half the novel and there is a whole lot of story you will not see in the screenplay, but you should be able to decide if you want to start the series now.

If you’ve made it this far, I’m assuming you’ve decided to read the series. Into Spring is the sequel. There were a few things I left hanging at the end of Into Autumn, so there had to be a sequel. I’ll take you to the trailer in a moment where you can get a glimpse of what it is about.

But first, let me tell you about Into Winter, book three of the series. It wasn’t until Into Spring was written that I decided on the series. That is why the seasons are not in order.

I put a lot of heart and soul into this series. There is a lot of murder, sex, and violence, but there is also camaraderie, love, suspense, humor, sarcasm, and tender moments that will bring tears to your eyes. You may even get angry at me at some of the things I did to the characters, but you won’t expect what will happen that way. I will strain your emotions on both ends of the spectrum. Most people love my books though they hate some of the things I do.

Now, I think you’re ready to go watch the book trailers. I’ll again make that easy for you. You might also like to browse some of my other twenty-plus videos I have on my channel.  My YouTube channel

The last book I have out now (Dec. 2017) is my self-help/autobiography, How to Be a Smart SOB Like Me, or rant as my girlfriend calls it. I have two more in the works, including a book of short stories about life in the swamp and what it takes to live here. Tales from the Riverside will cover a couple near death experiences, but also show you why I choose to live in a swamp. I hope to have this book out in January 2018, or shortly thereafter.

I hope by now you’re ready to buy a book or two. They are available in print and ebook. Here’s another easy link, this time to Amazon My Books on Amazon