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A childhood friendship becomes a dramatic tale of forbidden love between a mullatto slave beauty and a married plantation owner during the Civil War era in South Carolina.


AP: Tell us if it’s a novel, book of poetry or other; then what genre it is and why you chose that genre.

AS: Thandi’s Love is a historical romance. I chose the historical romance genre because of my deep love of history and past eras which personified true love and innocence.

AP: …a little bit more extensively, what’s your book about?

AS: Thandi’s love tells the gripping story of a forbidden love affair between a slave and her married master, and the many obstacles their love endured. The dramatic story steps back in time taking a journey through undeniable love, forever friendships, dark secrets, selfless sacrifices, and breathtaking moments that will leave you yearning for more.

AP: Have you written the book based on your personal life

AS: The concept of this story was in fact inspired by true life events.

AP: What do you feel about main characters or their circumstances?

AS: Thandi the protagonist is an endearing character, and Tom Lexington Jr., although he is a plantation owner, he is a slave owner that has deep compassion for his slaves.

AP: What emotions are you essentially seeking to arouse?

AS: The emotions I seek to evoke from readers are the feelings of love, yearning, fear, compassion, pain, triumph and even anger.

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